Pyramid UFO!? Flying Pyramids and Diamonds in the Sky

Flying Pyramids and Diamonds in the skies, more than just a catchy line it is in fact the latest phenomenon to be seen in our skies. Some of the strangest and most amazing UFO sightings of recent times have been of Pyramids floating in the skies. Since 2009 recorded sightings have occurred in Russia, Spain, China, Columbia, Taiwan, UK and Turkey. This current wave of Diamonds in the Skies started in 2009 with the incredible Kremlin sighting. Over a number of days in Moscow, starting December 9, 2009 an ominous mile wide floating Pyramid was seen, at times seen hovering over the Kremlin. Are aliens trying to stare down the Kremlin, will a new fluffy loveable security agency be the result of this attention ? This was just the beginning though.

Taiwan’s SINA News captured a pyramid object over Taiwan purely by accident. Recording a piece on a massive thunderstorm closer inspection of the video later revealed something odd in the footage. During the lightning flashes a large pyramid-shaped object can be seen floating in the clouds. Other recent video’s that captured flying pyramids includes the Xi’an City recording that shows a most unusual diamond-shaped object floating near high-rise apartments. The daytime video shows the large diamond object with a smaller pyramid orbiting around the larger object. In Spain by the side of a road footage of a diamond-shaped object slowly landing was recorded. This is the only footage of a flying pyramid moving, albeit slowly. Columbia’s contribution to the phenomenon see’s a large diamond-shaped object seemingly hovering over an urban landscape. The UK and Turkey also contribute recordings, both of them lower quality recordings due to the amount of zoom required to capture the objects.

Pyramid sightings aren’t just a modern phenomenon either, in 1968 footage was recorded of strange floating diamonds in the sky. The footage taken in the skies over Riga Russia show the now familiar pyramid-shaped objects, so it’s not actually a new thing, just new to YouTube maybe.

Smaller pyramids often accompany the larger pyramid. Normally revolving around the larger pyramid. The iconic English sighting in Rendlesham Forrest – The Rendlesham Forrest Incident – revolved around a small pyramid shaped craft that landed in the forest and chased some soldiers around. Considered one of the most important English UFO incidents of the last decade all craft described in the incident seem to strike a resemblance to the smaller pyramids from the Columbian and Chinese videos. Reports even suggest the smaller craft can emerge from the large mother ship as it were. There is no footage to confirm this though.

The movement of the pyramid objects seems very different from the usual UFO zipping all over the place behaviour, they don’t tend to move much aside from spinning. In fact there is only one video that shows the objects moving at all, the pyramid landing in Spain shows the pyramid moving very flat and slow.

While the video’s are visually impressive the actual origins are unknown. Cynical theorists propose they are all an obvious hoax using computer generated graphics or lens anomaly which are both possible. The more imaginative theories include dolphin creatures that live inside a fluid in the craft, or the obvious pyramid connection, the builders of the pyramids are returning.

Recent flying pyramid videos:

Moscow, December 2009. The sighting that generated the most publicity and started this wave of reports was the Moscow Pyramid incident, a large ominous pyramid was seen floating over the Kremlin, Moscow. The Moscow buzz was heightened by the Norway spiral event that had happened only days earlier - a large Spiral appeared in the night sky over Norway -. Moscow was such a major event that it made news headlines around the world, multiple video’s of the incident appeared and multiple witnesses from many locations have testified to the accuracy of the video’s. None of the witnesses is sure what they saw just that it matches whats on the video. One of the night-time video’s follows the pyramid from a moving car. The pyramid was not a short-term phenomenon either, the following day daylight footage of the pyramid was shot as it hovered over the Kremlin. While it did stay motionless it rotated slowly and looked imposing.


Taiwan 2010-07-17. SINA News of Taiwan captured something strange in the clouds over Taiwan. Shot on a stormy night the SINA news team were hoping to capture the massive thunderstorm but they got more than they expected¬† This clip is worth watching just for the amazing show captured lighting up Taiwan’s night sky. If you look carefully during the flashes – usually near the centre of the flash – there’s a gift in there too. It can be a little hard to spot the strange Pyramid shaped object, it only appears for short periods. The lightning itself is a little distracting, brilliant but distracting. Once identified you’ll notice it’s exactly the same shape and angles – configuration – as the pyramids in the Russian video’s. A number of the lightning flashes occur very close to the object so if it is a solid craft it must be tough, there’s a lot of power in those clouds.


Xi’an City, China January 28 2010. In this Chinese daylight video captured an enormous Diamond shaped object, a building sized object, is seen to hover near some large buildings in Xi’an City. Around the larger object is a smaller diamond object that orbits the larger one, seeming to stop and change directions at times. While not cinematic quality the video is good enough to see features on the glass like surface. Again other than the smaller object orbiting around the large one there is little movement.


Other Pyramid Videos:

  • Shot on a clear day by the side of the road in Spain this clip shows a pyramid-shaped craft coming in for a landing. The pyramid glides slowly sideways then comes to rest on its base. It’s shot from too far away to make out any great detail. Not that there is much detail to see the sides of the pyramid look like a very uniform metallic finish. The pyramid can actually be seen from the first frame in the far left, it slowly drifts across, passing behind a few bits of scenery till its centre screen then lands. CHECK out the VIDEO
  • The Columbia video caused quite a stir when it was released in March 2010. The diamond hangs in the sky, like an imposing stone hanging in the sky. Again a smaller object is seen orbiting the larger diamond, both object having a seemingly uniform metallic finish. The object seems to be quite close as very little zoom is required in the video. CHECK out the VIDEO
  • From a distance the pyramid in this clip is just a dot on the horizon, once a little zoom is applied the usual pyramid shape becomes obvious. This is a clear daylight clip but there is very little action. CHECK out the VIDEO
  • Filmed in May 2010 over Turkey this night video shows a pyramid shaped object in the distant night sky. CHECK out the VIDEO

Has the galactic equivalent to Ford released a new model ?Have aliens brought the latest car and are they trying to show it off? If this were the case, if it was just a new car poser situation how could they miss the greatest photo opportunity ever, flying pyramids at the Egyptian Pyramids, post card material to send home to Sirius II. All we know for now is that there are strange and unexplained objects being seen in the skies. The return of the Pyramid UFO, diamonds in the sky.


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