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UFO’s and Space seem like logical companions. Sadly with space out of the reach of everyday people, we are limited to looking at space through a very select few sets of eyes. Time in space is also extremely expensive, so while it does seem the natural place to be looking for strange and unusual craft, that is never going to be a high priority. Still in spite of all of these difficulties there have been at least a half a dozen spectacular UFO sightings recorded by NASA’s camera’s. Of all the sightings in recent times the STS-75 – Space Shuttle Mission 75, 1996 – is the most famous, the mission that the Tether Incident occurred on. The tether incident is a strangely beautiful piece of video that captures space as a living band of activity, not a cold empty vacuum.

Unlike NASA’s photo and satellite data that naturally goes through an editing process video was available as a live feed direct from the space shuttle. The original tether incident footage was first released by UFO Magazine in the UK, March 2000 edition. The un-encrypted NASA feeds were open to the public, as long as you had the right equipment. UFO Magazine made use of these down links, but they weren’t alone. Martyn Stubbs had also been well aware of this fact, recording 2,500 hours of video from the feeds. This extensive collection was used in his compilation video The Secret NASA Transmissions The Smoking Gun. A must see for anyone interest in what NASA is really seeing up there.

NASA UFO Tether Incident

The Tether incident started innocently enough as a simple scientific experiment. NASA wanted to test a new form of electric space propulsion, the electrodynamics tether – EDT. An EDT uses the Earths magnetic field and it’s own electrical fields to generate movement, February 25, 1996 during the STS-75 mission NASA launched a test EDT. The Tether consisted of a single 12 mile long strand of conductor. One end of the tether remains attached to the shuttle while on the other end of the tether is a control satellite. In order to test the EDT technology NASA attempted to fully extend the tether and power it up. Very shortly after the power was flowing from the tether an unexpected surge created voltages 100 times higher than expected. The 12 mile long tether burnt through the conductor wire and broke free at the base. It burnt out and snapped in just the right place, anywhere else and part of the tether could have spring back and hit the shuttle. As it was the tension in the tether caused it to spring away from the point at which it broke and quickly drift away from the shuttle.

Once the tether broke loose and drifted free it started to glow. Like an aging rock star it wants one more minute of spot light time. The a 12 mile long fluorescent tube occurs due to the voltage still running through the tether, causing the tether to ionize the surrounding gas – orbiting at 150miles in the Earths Ionosphere – generating plasma and lighting up. Even at 30 miles away it’s obvious.

Then the so called debris starts to appear. Looking more like a petri dish than the void of outer space. The swarm of UFO’s that appear around the glowing tether is breathtaking. The estimated size of the large objects is well over 1.5 to 2miles in diameter. And there’s lots of them, like a swarm they drift around the tether. The astronauts go strangely quiet, are nearly speechless. The tether glows and around it is a sea of objects, looking more like the bottom of the ocean than space, with objects even described as swimming in the foreground by the NASA crew. An amazing and haunting scene develops as the tether passes 30 miles, smaller sphere’s and large disks in large numbers drift around the tether, Many of the larger objects pulsate with a rhythmical light, they stop at times and change direction. Many objects are also seen to pass behind the 12 mile long tether.

Of all the objects swarming around the tether is a large disc shape with a dark spot in the middle and a notch on one side. The fact that amongst the swarm of objects are many of these large disks that are all identical, not a random or accidental shape at all. Most unusually the discs with a notch shaped UFO’s that are seen in the tether video have been seen before. There are many carvings and sculptures that closely resemble the Tether UFO’s. The  stone disk called a Dropa stone that bares a striking resemblance to the images captured by NASA during the tether incident.

NASA had designated the mission: Tethered Satellite System Reflight – TSS-1R – it was the follow on mission to the successful STS-48 TSS-1 tests flown in July and August of 1992. The tethers themselves were extremely clever technology, able to use its motion to generate electricity and also able to use electricity to generate movement. Interacting with the Earths magnetic field the tether is able to provide a propulsive force. Eventually it was hoped that a form of magnetic field sail could be developed saving on propellant and refuelling costs, extended the life and reducing the cost of satellites. NASA did quickly find out the difference between a tether and out of control satellite, one small conductor cable. It turns out when a tether breaks it stops being a tether and becomes an out of control satellite. After the tether incident NASA left TSS-1R  to drift through the night sky and eventually burn up in the atmosphere. For two weeks it stayed in orbit.  It was visible to the naked eye on a clear night, a little fluoro light orbiting above.

After the initial buzz caused by the UFO Magazine release of the tether incident videos a second video would re-establish NASA footage as some of the best evidence for UFO’s. Martyn Stubbs The Secret NASA Transmissions The Smoking Gun was released in 2004. Stubbs a station manager of a Vancouver based community cable channel became one of the most prolific recorders of NASA missions. Over several years Stubbs recorded and logged 2,500 hours of video from NASA’s live feeds. In those early days NASA left it’s video feed un-encrypted and open. That has changed now, it is much more difficult to find a live direct feed out of NASA. Even NASA TV shows are delay telecast or edited and played the next day. Stubbs spent many hours scouring through his NASA collection finding many strange sightings. The tether incident footage is included along with many other never before seen clips. Also discovered amongst the footage was  a new phenomenon that operates at the edge of perception. Seen as a streak of bright colours, they move incredibly quickly, often only seen in a single frame of video. David Sareda’s ‘The Case of NASA UFO’s by David Sareda is also an excellent video that delves into the possible technology behind the UFO’s being seen in space. Reviewing an analysing the most spectacular footage Sareda also speculates on the technology behind what’s being seen.

The Tether satellite was designed to be remote controlled, to move about on command. The satellites on-board computer had communications facilities to allow command and control functions as well as remote sensing. Mysteriously enough at the conclusion of the experiment NASA attempted to connect with the tethers on board computers only to discover that the satellite had been reprogrammed, making recovery of the satellite impractical. Were the strange disks more than just curious but also willing to poke about in the satellites innards?

NASA’s official explanations of the tether incident revolve around ice crystals from thrusters. The thrusters had recently been used to perform slight trajectory adjustments. Out of focus dust was added to the explanation when the ice explanation didn’t cut it. The main point of contention between NASA and the UFO community revolves around the fact that neither of NASA’s official stories explains how the ice crystals and dust is passing behind the tether, especially once it has drifted over 100 miles away. The most amusing variation of the ice crystal theory includes special brown ice crystals discharged by the shuttles toilet.

UFO footage from space isn’t limited to NASA, the Russian Federal Space Agency captured many videos of strange objects, especially during the life of the MIR space station. In 1996 at a UFO conference in Brazil Russian Cosmonaut Aleksandr Nikolayevich Balandin conceded seeing many strange objects in controlled flight around MIR.

Controversially he also announced that in the years to come all of these sightings and all UFO information held by the Russians would be shared with an international study group. All governments around the world would also be invited to take part.

Also well-known is the UFO Shoot down video. Shot by NASA on STS-48, the video shows a UFO moving slowly towards Earth, after maintaining a constant trajectory there’s a flash of light and the object changes course making a sharp turn and moving away quickly just as a very fast moving object blasts by, coming from the ground towards the UFO. Many people speculate that this was a star wars ground based magnetic rail gun or plasma weapon fired at an intruding UFO. NASA contests that it a reaction to a thruster being fired.

During STS-80 NASA captured another amazing video, this time over south America. Initially the Shuttles camera is pointed towards Peru, shortly into the video a bright streak of light is seen leaving the ground and quickly achieving orbit. Later into the video of a group of disc shaped UFO’s begin gathering into formation. A  haunting video shot from the shuttle looking down on the earth at night. As  the shuttle orbits passed a large thunder storm strange disk shaped objects begin to appear. The Gathering is also impressive for it’s implications. The UFO’s seem to co-operate, is this a purposeful meeting or just a random happen-stance. The initial 5 craft seem to move slowly into position and then stop and hold position until the formation is complete. The appearance of the final craft once the formation is complete also seems more than coincidental. The thunderstorms in the background have caused many to speculate that the formation is related to studying or absorbing something in the electrical system of thunderstorms..

NASA has managed to capture some incredible footage, without even trying. The tether incident along with the other video’s make for some very interesting watching. What is going on 150 miles above the Earth, At the very least this should dispel the belief that any of us may have had that space is an empty sterile place. There is obviously quite a superhighway in the skies, seems like a lot of traffic is buzzing about up in the ionosphere. All of the various shaped UFO’s in the NASA video’s have also been captured by other sources, both from Earth and in space. All we can say for sure here at Highpants is Keep looking up to the skies, you never know what you may see.

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